Products with the Most Security Vulnerabilties Number of distinct CVEs since 2018

Debian Linux 1610 vulnerabilities

Google Android 1197 vulnerabilities
Mobile operating system

Canonical Ubuntu Linux 1150 vulnerabilities
Linux Operating System

Microsoft Windows 10 1132 vulnerabilities

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 1108 vulnerabilities

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 886 vulnerabilities

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 714 vulnerabilities

Microsoft Windows 8.1 709 vulnerabilities

Microsoft Windows 7 692 vulnerabilities

Google Chrome 690 vulnerabilities
Web browser

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 672 vulnerabilities

Microsoft Windows Rt 8 1 666 vulnerabilities

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 584 vulnerabilities
RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Server. Includes software bundeled with RHEL server.

Apple iOS 582 vulnerabilities
The iOS Operating System used by iPhones.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation 564 vulnerabilities
RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Workstation. Includes software bundled with RHEL Workstation.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop 555 vulnerabilities
RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Desktop. Includes software bundled with RHEL desktop

Apple Mac OSX 487 vulnerabilities
Macintosh Operating System

Linux Kernel 472 vulnerabilities

Fedora Project Fedora 411 vulnerabilities

OpenSuse Leap 365 vulnerabilities

Apple TV OS 364 vulnerabilities
Apple TV Operating System

GitLab 343 vulnerabilities
Version Control Server and CI/CD Platform

Apple Watch OS 321 vulnerabilities
Apple Watch Operating System

Oracle MySQL 294 vulnerabilities
Open Source Database Engine

Mozilla Firefox 272 vulnerabilities
Open source web browser

Apple Safari 267 vulnerabilities

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 225 vulnerabilities

Microsoft ChakraCore 175 vulnerabilities
ChakraCore is the core part of the Chakra JavaScript engine that powers Microsoft Edge

Magento 160 vulnerabilities

F5 Networks Big Ip Analytics 156 vulnerabilities

Apple iTunes 152 vulnerabilities
Apple iTunes Software

Microsoft Office 149 vulnerabilities

Foxit Software Phantompdf 148 vulnerabilities

cPanel 147 vulnerabilities

Mozilla Thunderbird 144 vulnerabilities
Email client

Oracle VM VirtualBox 144 vulnerabilities

F5 Networks Big Ip Edge Gateway 126 vulnerabilities

F5 Networks Big Ip Webaccelerator 125 vulnerabilities

Apple Icloud 124 vulnerabilities

ImageMagick 117 vulnerabilities

Chadhaajay Phpkb 116 vulnerabilities

NetApp Storage Automation Store 116 vulnerabilities

Oracle Java Development Kit (JDK) 113 vulnerabilities
Compilers, tool and runtime for java

Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 113 vulnerabilities
The runtime that executes java bytecode

HP Intelligent Management Center 111 vulnerabilities

Wireshark 109 vulnerabilities

Microsoft Sharepoint Server 106 vulnerabilities

Foxit Software Foxit Reader 99 vulnerabilities

Oracle Outside In Technology 96 vulnerabilities

Cisco Ios Xe 96 vulnerabilities

Apple iPad OS 90 vulnerabilities
Apple iPad Operating System

NetApp Snapcenter 87 vulnerabilities

Microsoft Office 365 Proplus 83 vulnerabilities

Juniper Networks Junos 77 vulnerabilities

Oracle Solaris 76 vulnerabilities

Red Hat Virtualization 75 vulnerabilities

Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation 72 vulnerabilities

Atlassian Jira 72 vulnerabilities

Oracle Weblogic Server 70 vulnerabilities
Java EE server

Joomla 67 vulnerabilities

QEMU 67 vulnerabilities

Cisco Ios 63 vulnerabilities

NetApp Oncommand Insight 63 vulnerabilities

Cisco Firepower Threat Defense 61 vulnerabilities

GNU Binutils 61 vulnerabilities

Red Hat Openstack 61 vulnerabilities

FreeBSD 59 vulnerabilities
Unix OS

PHP 59 vulnerabilities
Web programming language

Jenkins 58 vulnerabilities
Continuous Integration Engine

CMS Made Simple 55 vulnerabilities

Citrix Xen Xen 55 vulnerabilities

Advantech Webaccess 53 vulnerabilities

Palo Alto Networks Pan Os 52 vulnerabilities

Quest Disk Backup 52 vulnerabilities

IBM Rational Quality Manager 51 vulnerabilities

Cybozu Garoon 51 vulnerabilities

libming Ming 51 vulnerabilities
Ming is a library for generating Macromedia Flash files (.swf), written in C

Intel Graphics Driver 50 vulnerabilities

Exiv2 50 vulnerabilities

Axiosys Bento4 49 vulnerabilities

WordPress 48 vulnerabilities
Blog Platform

Red Hat Ansible Tower 48 vulnerabilities

FreeRDP 48 vulnerabilities

Adobe Experience Manager 47 vulnerabilities

IBM Api Connect 47 vulnerabilities

Cisco Webex Meetings Server 46 vulnerabilities

Red Hat Satellite 45 vulnerabilities

Open Emr Openemr 45 vulnerabilities

Red Hat Linux Server 45 vulnerabilities

Red Hat Linux Desktop 45 vulnerabilities

Red Hat Linux Workstation 45 vulnerabilities

Hdfgroup Hdf5 44 vulnerabilities

FasterXML Jackson Databind 44 vulnerabilities
The jackson-databind java library for JSON parsing.

Apple iPad OS 44 vulnerabilities
Apple iPad Operating System

Moodle 43 vulnerabilities

Zoneminder 42 vulnerabilities

Cisco Webex Meetings Online 42 vulnerabilities

Dolibarr 41 vulnerabilities

VMware Workstation 41 vulnerabilities

Foxit Software Reader 41 vulnerabilities

Microsoft Excel 41 vulnerabilities
Spreadsheet Software

Oracle Database Server 40 vulnerabilities
Oracle Database Server

Adobe Acrobat Reader 39 vulnerabilities

Zzcms 39 vulnerabilities

Radare2 39 vulnerabilities

Adobe Acrobat Reader Dc 39 vulnerabilities

Adobe Acrobat 39 vulnerabilities
Application for working with PDF documents

Red Hat Virtualization Host 39 vulnerabilities

Adobe Acrobat Dc 39 vulnerabilities

Adobe ColdFusion 39 vulnerabilities
Web application server since 1995. Tag or script based programming language CFML.

Fusionpbx 38 vulnerabilities

Ntp 38 vulnerabilities

FFmpeg 38 vulnerabilities

NetApp Snapmanager 37 vulnerabilities

Xpdfreader Xpdf 37 vulnerabilities

Artifex Ghostscript 37 vulnerabilities

Microsoft Windows Server 36 vulnerabilities

Microsoft Word 36 vulnerabilities

Gpac 35 vulnerabilities

Prestashop 35 vulnerabilities

NetApp Clustered Data Ontap 34 vulnerabilities

VMware Fusion 34 vulnerabilities

OpenSuse Backports Sle 34 vulnerabilities

Webkitgtk 33 vulnerabilities

VMware Esxi 33 vulnerabilities

Nagios Xi 33 vulnerabilities

Cisco Identity Services Engine 32 vulnerabilities

Sugarcrm 32 vulnerabilities

Limesurvey 32 vulnerabilities

Microsoft Exchange Server 31 vulnerabilities

IBM Rational Team Concert 31 vulnerabilities

SQLite 31 vulnerabilities
A c library that implements an embedded SQL database engine.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 30 vulnerabilities

Otrs 30 vulnerabilities

IBM Maximo Asset Management 30 vulnerabilities

Samba 30 vulnerabilities

IBM Sterling B2b Integrator 29 vulnerabilities

Nextcloud Server 29 vulnerabilities

JetBrains Teamcity 29 vulnerabilities

F5 Networks Big Ip Websafe 27 vulnerabilities

Squid Cache Squid 27 vulnerabilities

Oracle E Business Suite 27 vulnerabilities

Open Xchange Appsuite 27 vulnerabilities

Red Hat Keycloak 27 vulnerabilities

Centreon 27 vulnerabilities

Glyphandcog Xpdfreader 27 vulnerabilities

Nasm Netwide Assembler 26 vulnerabilities

HP Xp7 Command View 26 vulnerabilities

Tcpdump 26 vulnerabilities

Fortinet Fortios 26 vulnerabilities

Monstra 26 vulnerabilities

FreeDesktop Poppler 26 vulnerabilities

Infovista Vistaportal 26 vulnerabilities

Metinfo 26 vulnerabilities

Red Hat Single Sign On 26 vulnerabilities

Apache HTTP Server 25 vulnerabilities

IBM Security Access Manager 25 vulnerabilities

Apple Tv 25 vulnerabilities

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