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By the Year

In 2023 there have been 0 vulnerabilities in PostgreSQL Pgadmin . Last year Pgadmin had 1 security vulnerability published. Right now, Pgadmin is on track to have less security vulnerabilities in 2023 than it did last year.

Year Vulnerabilities Average Score
2023 0 0.00
2022 1 8.80
2021 0 0.00
2020 0 0.00
2019 0 0.00
2018 0 0.00

It may take a day or so for new Pgadmin vulnerabilities to show up in the stats or in the list of recent security vulnerabilties. Additionally vulnerabilities may be tagged under a different product or component name.

Recent PostgreSQL Pgadmin Security Vulnerabilities

The pgAdmin server includes an HTTP API

CVE-2022-4223 8.8 - High - December 13, 2022

The pgAdmin server includes an HTTP API that is intended to be used to validate the path a user selects to external PostgreSQL utilities such as pg_dump and pg_restore. The utility is executed by the server to determine what PostgreSQL version it is from. Versions of pgAdmin prior to 6.17 failed to properly secure this API, which could allow an unauthenticated user to call it with a path of their choosing, such as a UNC path to a server they control on a Windows machine. This would cause an appropriately named executable in the target path to be executed by the pgAdmin server.

Code Injection

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