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In 2024 there have been 0 vulnerabilities in Highlightjs Highlight Js . Highlight Js did not have any published security vulnerabilities last year.

Year Vulnerabilities Average Score
2024 0 0.00
2023 0 0.00
2022 0 0.00
2021 0 0.00
2020 1 8.70
2019 0 0.00
2018 0 0.00

It may take a day or so for new Highlight Js vulnerabilities to show up in the stats or in the list of recent security vulnerabilties. Additionally vulnerabilities may be tagged under a different product or component name.

Recent Highlightjs Highlight Js Security Vulnerabilities

Highlight.js is a syntax highlighter written in JavaScript

CVE-2020-26237 8.7 - High - November 24, 2020

Highlight.js is a syntax highlighter written in JavaScript. Highlight.js versions before 9.18.2 and 10.1.2 are vulnerable to Prototype Pollution. A malicious HTML code block can be crafted that will result in prototype pollution of the base object's prototype during highlighting. If you allow users to insert custom HTML code blocks into your page/app via parsing Markdown code blocks (or similar) and do not filter the language names the user can provide you may be vulnerable. The pollution should just be harmless data but this can cause problems for applications not expecting these properties to exist and can result in strange behavior or application crashes, i.e. a potential DOS vector. If your website or application does not render user provided data it should be unaffected. Versions 9.18.2 and 10.1.2 and newer include fixes for this vulnerability. If you are using version 7 or 8 you are encouraged to upgrade to a newer release.


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