microsoft 365-apps CVE-2021-42292 vulnerability in Microsoft Products
Published on November 10, 2021

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Microsoft Excel Security Feature Bypass Vulnerability

Vendor Advisory NVD

Known Exploited Vulnerability

This Microsoft Excel Security Feature Bypass vulnerability is part of CISA's list of Known Exploited Vulnerabilities. A security feature bypass vulnerability in Microsoft Excel would allow a local user to perform arbitrary code execution.

The following remediation steps are recommended / required by December 1, 2021: Apply updates per vendor instructions.

Vulnerability Analysis

CVE-2021-42292 is exploitable with local system access, requires user interaction. This vulnerability is considered to have a low attack complexity. It has an exploitability score of 1.8 out of four. The potential impact of an exploit of this vulnerability is considered to be very high.

Products Associated with CVE-2021-42292

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What versions are vulnerable to CVE-2021-42292?