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By the Year

In 2023 there have been 1 vulnerability in Microsoft Typed Rest Client with an average score of 7.5 out of ten. Typed Rest Client did not have any published security vulnerabilities last year. That is, 1 more vulnerability have already been reported in 2023 as compared to last year.

Year Vulnerabilities Average Score
2023 1 7.50
2022 0 0.00
2021 0 0.00
2020 0 0.00
2019 0 0.00
2018 0 0.00

It may take a day or so for new Typed Rest Client vulnerabilities to show up in the stats or in the list of recent security vulnerabilties. Additionally vulnerabilities may be tagged under a different product or component name.

Recent Microsoft Typed Rest Client Security Vulnerabilities

typed-rest-client is a library for Node Rest and Http Clients with typings for use with TypeScript

CVE-2023-30846 7.5 - High - April 26, 2023

typed-rest-client is a library for Node Rest and Http Clients with typings for use with TypeScript. Users of the typed-rest-client library version 1.7.3 or lower are vulnerable to leak authentication data to 3rd parties. The flow of the vulnerability is as follows: First, send any request with `BasicCredentialHandler`, `BearerCredentialHandler` or `PersonalAccessTokenCredentialHandler`. Second, the target host may return a redirection (3xx), with a link to a second host. Third, the next request will use the credentials to authenticate with the second host, by setting the `Authorization` header. The expected behavior is that the next request will *NOT* set the `Authorization` header. The problem was fixed in version 1.8.0. There are no known workarounds.

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