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By the Year

In 2023 there have been 0 vulnerabilities in Laravel Fortify . Last year Fortify had 1 security vulnerability published. Right now, Fortify is on track to have less security vulnerabilities in 2023 than it did last year.

Year Vulnerabilities Average Score
2023 0 0.00
2022 1 8.10
2021 0 0.00
2020 0 0.00
2019 0 0.00
2018 0 0.00

It may take a day or so for new Fortify vulnerabilities to show up in the stats or in the list of recent security vulnerabilties. Additionally vulnerabilities may be tagged under a different product or component name.

Recent Laravel Fortify Security Vulnerabilities

Laravel Fortify before 1.11.1

CVE-2022-25838 8.1 - High - February 24, 2022

Laravel Fortify before 1.11.1 allows reuse within a short time window, thus calling into question the "OT" part of the "TOTP" concept.

Authentication Bypass by Capture-replay

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