fortinet fortios CVE-2022-41328 is a vulnerability in Fortinet Fortios
Published on March 7, 2023

A improper limitation of a pathname to a restricted directory vulnerability ('path traversal') [CWE-22] in Fortinet FortiOS version 7.2.0 through 7.2.3, 7.0.0 through 7.0.9 and before 6.4.11 allows a privileged attacker to read and write files on the underlying Linux system via crafted CLI commands.

Vendor Advisory NVD

Known Exploited Vulnerability

This Fortinet FortiOS Path Traversal Vulnerability is part of CISA's list of Known Exploited Vulnerabilities. Fortinet FortiOS contains a path traversal vulnerability that may allow a local privileged attacker to read and write files via crafted CLI commands.

The following remediation steps are recommended / required by April 4, 2023: Apply updates per vendor instructions.

Vulnerability Analysis

CVE-2022-41328 is exploitable with local system access, and requires small amount of user privileges. This vulnerability is considered to have a low attack complexity. It has an exploitability score of 1.8 out of four. The potential impact of an exploit of this vulnerability is considered to have a high impact on confidentiality and integrity, and no impact on availability.

What is a Directory traversal Vulnerability?

The software uses external input to construct a pathname that is intended to identify a file or directory that is located underneath a restricted parent directory, but the software does not properly neutralize special elements within the pathname that can cause the pathname to resolve to a location that is outside of the restricted directory.

CVE-2022-41328 has been classified to as a Directory traversal vulnerability or weakness.

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What versions of Fortios are vulnerable to CVE-2022-41328?