Published on April 13, 2013

Integer overflow in the fb_mmap function in drivers/video/fbmem.c in the Linux kernel before 3.8.9, as used in a certain Motorola build of Android 4.1.2 and other products, allows local users to create a read-write memory mapping for the entirety of kernel memory, and consequently gain privileges, via crafted /dev/graphics/fb0 mmap2 system calls, as demonstrated by the Motochopper pwn program.

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Known Exploited Vulnerability

This Linux Kernel Integer Overflow Vulnerability is part of CISA's list of Known Exploited Vulnerabilities. Linux kernel fb_mmap function in drivers/video/fbmem.c contains an integer overflow vulnerability which allows for privilege escalation.

The following remediation steps are recommended / required by October 6, 2022: Apply updates per vendor instructions.

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Numeric Errors

Weaknesses in this category are related to improper calculation or conversion of numbers.

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